How to Flatten a Defense with the Curl Flat Concept

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Curl Flat has been recognized and popularly hailed as the tone of the best plays in football. It is basically a Madden 13 strategy that functions to ensnare the defensive line in a web of predicament and confusion where the defense of the curl and flat route becomes integral and necessary. It means that a bind is placed upon the defensive line over the defense of the curl or flat areas or routes. Curl defense is an effective and preferred form of play in Madden, despite the long time that has passed ever since its conception. It can be owed to the fact that the play renders the flat player useless and unable to score. However, this can only be done if the play in question is executed and implemented properly and totally. Curl flat is a favorite amongst players and coaches alike due to the level of unpredictability and efficiency that it offers. The fact that this play is difficult to protect against even after long sessions of practice and contemplation is further testament of its effectiveness.

Curl flat in Madden is a most versatile play, especially against the many forms of coverage present nowadays. This play has been said to be the best incentive or catalyst when it comes to passing offenses by many specialists of the field. The fact that this concept has proven to be effective against coverage 2, 3, man to man, zone and others is more support in its favor indeed.

Curl Flat concept allows the offense to take on the defense and attack them horizontally. It also allows attackers of Madden to target certain areas of the field such as the numbers, box route that is located in the middle of the field and the area outside the hash. The fact that it allows for low level of controlled routes is also commendable and it is after all a most effective technique against many a number of coverage’s.

This concept is designed to place a receiver behind a flat defender who is stretched to the side line. Once it is done so, then the receiver replaces the line defender. So, on a simultaneous note, the control of the middle of the field along with the aforementioned progress will be acquired through a short route. This makes it easier for the quarterback to locate the receivers that are scattered across the field in the form of a triangle. IN order to elaborate, the point at which the attack is being focused at about 12 yards into the field which is located on the hash. At the same time, the area located at about 5 yards deep into the numbers is also attacked which allows the attacking team to control the middle of the field that is located at about 5 yards in Madden 13.

Due to the fact that this concept makes it easier for the quarterback to score and perform a passing offense and subsequent score is admirable in itself. However, the true potency of this concept lies in its ability to be adaptable and withstanding against different forms of coverage as well.

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