Madden 25 has New ‘Switch Assist’ Feature

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The new feature

One of the new features of the game Madden 25 is the “switch assist” feature. Previously the problems faced by the players of Madden was that when they attempted to switch the players to pick a pass, they did not get the desired guy and then they are burned for a touchdown. All these problems are now solved by Madden 25 through the introduction of the new “switch assist” feature. All the woes linked with the switching of the players will now be solved easily. It is stated that more and more people were frustrated with the problem of switching the players. They tap on the Hit Stick, flick B to turn to the defensive back and the other thing you come to know is that he is on the ground. So now when you switch the players the move buffer is cleared. The hassle you had to do previously has now ended and it does not move to the next player.

The hawk feature

The clearance of the old moves in Madden game upon switching players can bring a large amount of change to Madden NFL 13’s majorly argued feature of “Ball Hawk”. In Madden 13 the most appropriate method to hawk is to press the button “Y” in the entire play and if that movement is cleared upon switching players that it means that more time will be required in this feature than in the past. Through this it can be assumed that one of the actions that can be cleared is Ball Hawk.

Switch Assist

With the innovative buffer clearance move there will be “switch assist” that adds into the game and solving one of the more difficult problems than the mishaps of hit-stick. The details of switch assistance are not available. Another difficulty faced by the players was that when they switched the defenders at the time of a pass and they wanted that the defender should be over the top but on the contrary when they clicked they ended up with the defender being underneath instead at the top. Such was the dilemma of the game. As the players wanted the defender over the top they hit down the left stick however when they found the defender underneath by clicking down they instantly moved him away from the play. Hence, the use of switch assist in this regard was that if the player’s stick input is greater than a particular off the direction angle where there is a movement of the defender going on, a buffer will be provided which makes you find out which defender you switched on. This helps you to observe the direction of the movement and prevents you to move in the wrong direction.

The use

Hence, now the players will not be able to affect the way of a player they switch to right if their required movement is further away from the expected direction of the game. The carrying out of such a feature is not easy.

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